New Series of Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups

It’s been way too long since the last instalment but all good things are worth waiting for!    Tune in to the brand new series of the spectacular Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups on BBC Radio 4 from 12th November.

Since we last heard from Tom there have been two defining moments (namely, newborn twins) making his weekly phone call home to the family in Sheffield all the more worthy of an earwig.

Dad has some new plans for world domination, Mum is on board with almost none of these schemes and Granny has some parenting tips from the 1930s.

It’s thirty minutes of totally legal phone-hacking as we eavesdrop on the triumphs and tribulations of the Wrigglesworth clan in all its dysfunctional glory.

Catch up on all the episodes here

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