RHOD GILBERT’S GROWING PAINS – New series for Comedy Central

Rhod Gilbert is hosting a brand new series for Comedy Central. ‘Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains’ is a six-part series, where each week Rhod takes a roller-coaster ride down memory lane, with three famous faces digging up their teenage years. Each week the celebrity guests will be peering back through the clouds of Lynx Africa and gallons of Lambrini to look their teenage selves right in the blackheads.

“Obviously, I was a very cool teenager, making one good decision after another…fashion, I got it just right. My hair was always great; love was one smooth happy ride after another and I had great taste in music, books and Kay’s catalogues. But not all my guests were as lucky, and I want to hear all about their traumatic teens and adolescent aberrations – the good, the bad, the hormonal and the lock- yourself-in-the-toilet embarrassing” Rhod Gilbert.

The show celebrates those amazing teenage moments, and guests will be competing across fashion, pop culture, retro gadgets, first loves, school reports and more to get their teenage years recognised as the most embarrassing. And that judging job, falls to Rhod.

9pm every Tuesday, on Comedy Central

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