Following last year’s smash hit run at the Edinburgh Festival, the UK’s favourite Canadian émigré played to packed audiences across the country, on a full scale UK tour. The show is now available to download for fans across the globe.

Recorded live at The Lowry, Salford at the end of his 2016 tour, this is Tom Stade at his finest. Recorded as seen, this is just as it happened on the night, unedited in all it’s pure, unadulterated glory.

Candid and alluring, Tom ruminates on life’s oddities and revels in his own perpetual shortcomings.  Featuring all the customary Stade flair; uncompromising humour, insatiable mischief and heaps of inspired inspiration.

Catch this epic talent as he continues to storm the global comedy scene.  People around the World (and surrounding areas)…You’re Welcome!

Click HERE to watch the trailer and order your copy now.

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