There’s a brand new series of ‘World’s Most Dangerous Roads’ coming to Dave and UKTV Play – and Rhod Gilbert has joined the new batch of comedians navigating some of the most treacherous roads in the world.

Rhod previously tackled Nepal with Greg Davies, back in 2011 and this time around he’s joined by Angela Barnes to tackle the Italian Alps.

Rhod says of the experience: “I wasn’t confident in either of our driving; Angela told me she had poor spacial awareness, and once missed a door she was trying to walk through. At the start, she had a tendency to veer to the right, which with a 1000ft drop on that side, was stomach-churning. Italian drivers have a reputation for being…er…’relaxed about danger’ shall we say? I was really worried about other drivers running us off the road. Turns out we were the dangerous ones; they were fine. There were a few bits where we didn’t know if the car would make it. We put our foot to the floor and prayed. Angela was great company, the food was amazing, our Italian hosts were wonderful and the views were amazing. Really we should have just gone off on holiday and sacked the danger bit off. I enjoyed it but I’m not itching to go through it all again. Between cancer and this, I think I’ve had enough adrenalin for one year “

Tuen in on 18th February at 8pm.